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Mapping RGV Civil Rights


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Texas--Rio Grande Valley


Collection of items compiled for the RGV civil rights map


1906 August 13


Cameron County, Texas

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La Casita Farms (1966)
In 1966 a bitter dispute between farmworkers and owners of La Casita Farms, El Texano Ranch, and Griffen & Brand farms took place in Starr County. Farmworkers harvesting melons demanded minimum wage and improved working conditions. Their strike…

Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria Lynchings
Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria were two prominent Mexican-American residents of South Texas. In September 1915, armed robbers hijacked them for their horses their supplies. When the two men reported the incident to Texas Ranger Capt. Henry Lee…

La Matanza
La Matanza, or The Massacre, refers to a period of sustained violence against ethnic Mexicans in Texas amid the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920). Mexicanos and Tejanos were systematically targeted and denied due process by the U.S. Army, Texas Rangers,…

Fort Ringgold
Racial tension between residents of Rio Grande City and black soldiers of Troop D, Ninth Cavalry stationed at Fort Ringgold escalated following the October 16, 1899 shooting of two soldiers after a gambling dispute. The two injured soldiers were…

Edcouch-Elsa Walkout newspaper clippings
Newspaper clippings from The Monitor (McAllen) in November/December 1968 describing the protests and walkouts and subsequent actions taken by Edcouch Elsa administrators.

Pharr Riot Newspaper Clippings
On Saturday, February 06, 1971, people were protesting discrimination involving the Pharr Police Department. The peaceful protest escalated into rock throwing outside of the police department. Thirty one adults were charged with misdemeanor offenses…

Texas Historical Commission Marker for the Pharr Riot
Inscription reads: On Feb. 6, 1971, a small group gathered outside the Pharr police department to protest incidents of discrimination and brutality. The crowd grew to hundreds and the day turned violent as tensions with law enforcement escalated.…

Newspaper clippings for Melon Strike (1975)
The United Farm Workers and Texas Farm Workers unions protested annual melon harvests through a series of strikes of local growers including El Texano Ranch, Griffin & Brand, and Southwestern Fruit & Vegetable Company.

However, on May 26, 1975, a…

Newspaper clippings for Onion Strike (1979)
Texas Farmworkers Union launched an onion pickers strike on April 4, 1979, on the farm of Charles Wetegrove, son of Edward Raymond, founder of the city of Raymondville. As with previous farmworker strikes, local law enforcement was brought in by…

J.T. Canales (1877–1976)
José Tomás "J.T." Canales (1877–1976) was an attorney and judge, civil rights advocate and state legislator, who moved to Brownsville in 1903. 
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