Hurricane Beulah / Huracán Beulah

The Rio Grande Valley is an area of high risk since many hurricanes form in the Gulf of Mexico; most states along the coast can be impacted by the rain and heavy winds of the storm. Emergency groups notify people in the news and other media forms on how to get prepared in case of a natural disaster. In 1967 Beulah was a category 5 with winds of 160 mph, meteorologists were following its path, and the news started advising people to take the necessary precautions and which were the areas that had to be evacuated. It is very important that people know when they must evacuate, and what to have if they are staying in their homes. It is important that we educate on the history of how other hurricanes have impacted the Valley past and present, what the damages were and how the community was able to recover from this. Students will be able to apply the knowledge gained from this lesson to be prepared for hurricane season. Students will have an understanding of how these natural disasters affect us.


Oneida Garcia and Alayzza Cruz