The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about the evolution of the working system in the United States, and most importantly, in the Rio Grande Valley. Seven lesson plans were created in where the students will be learning about Peonage in the Rio Grande Valley. The first two days are based on Slavery, thus students make new connections to the new topic being taught. That way the student can have their previous knowledge activated going in to the next days, which are day three and four, in where the term Peonage will be introduced. Then the students will go into day five in where they will compare the characteristics of slavery and peonage. On day six and day seven the students will express their point of view on the topics through a series of activities. One of the activities will be to visit The Museum of South Texas History, and the last activity will be to create a proclamation about how the student would change the laws regarding the peonage system.


Ana Cerda, Lezly Gonzalez, and Melissa Cantu