Preserving Our Past: People Saving Places 2022

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Preserving Our Past: People Saving Places 2022


Banco Map 89553
J. T. Canales House, Brownsville, Texas
J. T. Canales House, view facing west
J. T. Canales house, view facing east
View of JT Canales House and Texas Historical Landmark
Texas Historical Landmark, 15938
JT Canales (c. 1905) photographed as part of the 29th State Legislature.
JT Canales (c. 1919) photographed as part of the 36th State Legislature.
Portrait of Judge J. T. Canales
J.T. Canales Works on By-Laws for New South Texas Order
The Dancy Building, or Cameron County Courthouse
Judge Oscar Dancy and the Dancy Building (Cameron County Courthouse)
Photograph of Judge Dancy at the International Bridge.
Photograph of Justice of the Peace Bat Corrigan, President of Mexico Miguel Aleman, and Judge Oscar Dancy.
Dancy & Cantinflas
Texas Historical Marker
Dancy Building, Cameron County Courthouse
The courthouse's fully restored stained-glass rotunda.
A hallway inside the Dancy Building featuring ornamental plaster.
[Manuel] Guerra Building, Roma, Texas
Dancy Building Instagram Story
The Manuel Guerra residence and store building in the historic district of Roma, a small city along the Rio Grande River in Starr County, Texas
Manuel Guerra Residence & Store, West side of Main Plaza at Hidalgo Street, Roma Creek, Starr County, TX
Heinrich Portscheller
Heinrich Portscheller and building construction workers
Virginia Cox Guerra holding infant daughter Elizabeth Guerra
Invoice from the Rath Packing Co., SA [San Antonio].
Marlon Brando during filming of "Viva Zapata" in 1951.
SA and AP Ry Tile and Stucco Passenger Station.
Photograph of S.P. Engine #393
Crowd gathers to welcome the first Southern Pacific Railway train
Advertisement for round trip fares for and stops to the Dallas State Fare
Advertisement for the Sunset Route of Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific Depot, West and East sides of the building
Restoration’s groundbreaking ceremony invitation
Photograph of the Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Station in Brownsville. (601 E. Madison St.)
Southern Pacific Depot of Edinburg Photograph #13
Hand drawn floor plan S.A. and A.P. Railway
Edinburg Chamber of Commerce
Photograph of stained glass window with Southern Pacific Lines logo
Texas Historical Landmark
Postcard image of Southern Pacific Depot in Edinburg. Courtesy of Norman Rozeff.
Mural inside the Border Theatre
Border Theatre
Border Theatre
Newspaper clipping of Robert N. Smith and George Holliday
"The Heart of the Rio Grande" advertisement
Newspaper clipping, "Opening of the Border Theatre Represents Further Evidence of Smith's Faith in the Future of Mission, Rio Grande Valley"
Newspaper clipping , "Murals Show Typical Border Scenes"
View of Cortez Hotel (now Villa de Cortez), north side, camera facing south
View of Cortez Hotel (now Villa de Cortez), east side, camera facing southwest
1933-12-24 The Brownsville Herald pg. 25.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Newspaper clipping announcing three oil companies establishing headquarters at the Cortez hotel.
1938-03-08 The Monitor pg. 5.jpg
Newspaper story promoting services at the Cortez Hotel, including the Cortez Beauty Salon located on the first floor.
1939-05-07 Valley Morning Star pg. 18.jpg
Newspaper advertisement for sale of Hotel Cortez for $125,000.
Preservation Month Flyer.png
Preservation Month Flyer Header.png
The Border Theatre, Mission
Early postcard image of Hotel Cortez.
Courtyard fountain
Villa de Cortez (formerly the Cortez Hotel)
Historic sign
Plans For A Hotel at Weslaco, Texas To Be Built For The Weslaco Hotel Co. October 20, 1927. Job No. 412
Courtyard Fountain, originally designed by Selber in 1927, was integrated as a part of the Dittburner's restoration.
JT Canales House Instagram Story.pdf
Cortez Hotel (now Villa de Cortez), southeast side, camera facing northwest
Cortez Hotel (now Villa de Cortez), (direct south side, camera facing north)
Cortez Hotel (now Villa de Cortez), (west side showing parking facility, camera facing east)
Cortez Hotel State Historical Marker
Newspaper photo of Patti and Larry Dittburner, owners of the Villa de Cortez.
Villa de Cortez Instagram Story
Edinburg Southern Pacific Depot Instagram Story.pdf
Border Theater Instagram Story.pdf
Manuel Guerra Residence and Store Instagram Story.pdf
Hobo Hap_nin to Bene.jpg
THC Marker Heinrich Portscheller.jpg
The Schuhmacher Company.tiff
Reopening of Border Theatre.jpg
For Rent Border Theatre space, The Monitor 1965 Apr 11.jpg
Miss Mission Set Tonight, The Monitor 1948 Nov 16.jpg
Manuel G. Historical Marker.jpg
Saving the Border Theatre, VMS 2007.jpg
Pony Express and House of Wax 3D.jpg
Roberto and Jeannie Pena, Border Theater.jpg


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