Karankawa Indians

The goal of this lesson plan is to give background information on the Karankawa tribe. These background information ranges from knowing where their territory is located, their dietary supplements, their weapons and tools, and their language and culture. To begin the week, students will be creating a foldable where they continually add information onto it throughout the week. This foldable will introduce to the students how the Karankawa’s tribe was founded, how they were physically built, and more. Next, The Karankawa’s physical traits will be described in detail to help students visualize how the Karankawas looked. The following lesson will involve students learning how the Karankawas utilized different types of tools and weapons. After, students will learn about different dietary supplements that were present in the lives of the Karankawas. Then, students will be educated on types of shelter that the Karankawa’s resided in. In addition, students will be given a wide variety of information on the Karankawa’s culture. To the end of entire lesson, students will be informed on where the Karankawas are today, and what caused their current circumstances.


Jacqueline Mireles, Kevin Gutierrez, and Julio Mendoza