La Lomita

This lesson will also give them understanding on the difference between the past and present of the La Lomita and how these changes over time have shaped Mission. La Lomita has gone through many changes since it originated, some which have had a great impact in its town. One of the main reasons why this landmark is so important is because it gave Mission it’s city name. La Lomita property was willed to the Oblate Fathers by Rene Guyard in 1861. Later, in 1865, the priests built a small chapel and a living space to serve as stop-over for their horseback circuit. The Oblates would also use the land to raise cattle and crops. As years passed, the property began to add more buildings, this led to La Lomita to be considered a small town by many. Now in days only a couple of the original building are standing and are visiting sites for tourist, this includes the chapel and the remains of what was once served as an asylum. The chapel is considered a landmark and is open to the public. The chapel has been used for many traditional celebrations throughout the years. La Lomita plays an important part on the development of Mission, TX and its history should be taught to the students.


Aranay Garza and Clarissa Cruz