Bazán and Longoria Lynchings (1915)

Bazán and Longoria Murders Historical Marker

Photograph of the Bazán and Longoria Murders historical marker Erected 2016 by Texas Historical Commission. (Marker Number 18584.)

Lynching of Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria

Jesus Bazán Villarreal (1848-1915) and Antonio Longoria (1866-1915) were two prominent Mexican-American residents of South Texas. In fact, Antonio Longoria was a former U.S. Postmaster.

In September 1915, armed road agents hijacked the two men for their horses and supplies. However, when the victims reported the incident to Texas Ranger Capt. Henry Lee Ransom on 27 September, he chased them down and shot and killed them both.

Following the murders of Bazán and Longoria, Capt. Ransom would not allow the bodies to be removed for a proper funeral. In October, the two men were buried by their families where their bodies lay, which is now the Bazan Ranch Cemetery (or Campo de las Flores) in Linn, Hidalgo County.

Local official Frank Cushman Pierce reported the incident (along with many others) to the U.S. Secretary of State stating, "Jesus Basan [sic] brother-in-law [sic] of Antonio Longoria, killed near Del Fina or Delfina, Hidalgo County. Antonio Longoria near Delfina Hidalgo County between Delfina and Guadalupe." The murders of Bazán and Longoria are examples of the widespread violence against ethnic Mexicans and Mexican-Americans that is known as "la matanza", or massacre.

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Bazán and Longoria Lynchings (1915)