Mercedes Livestock Show & Rodeo

During these five lessons, the students learned a small portion of what the Rio Grande Valleys culture consists of through the Mercedes Livestock Show and Rodeo.

In the first lesson we informed the students about the jobs that are in our community as well as in the livestock show. We must educate our students of the importance of those people and the jobs they do. On Tuesday, the students were able to see what it was like to be a cowboy for a day. They learned new vocabulary words referring to cowboys and their clothing. On Wednesday it went more in dept on the marking/brandings of the cattle. We opened our lesson by talking about the Rio Grande Valleys history and telling the students that back in the day ranchers used these markings to distinguish which cattle belonged to Texas and what cattle belonged to Mexico. On Thursday we wanted to have a designated day for the activities that are in the Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Livestock Show and Rodeo includes a carnival, plenty of food such as turkey legs, barbecue, funnel cake and has a petting area for kids to touch the animals. Lastly, on Friday we decided it was going to be a review and assess day for the students. We wanted the students to review everything from the previous days by using the game jeopardy which is very fun to play for students and it involves team work in action.  


Alejandra Cardenas & Karen Rodríguez