Roy W. Mulhausen

Roy Winfield Mulhausen (1889-1974) moved to San Benito, Texas in 1919 where he worked for a land developer. Before that, the Nebraska native lived in Oklahoma City while working for a lumberyard where he built doors. He first moved to Texas in 1914 and worked for a Dallas architect named Lewis E. Frantz. By 1916, after returning to Oklahoma and marrying his wife, Grace, Mulhausen moved to Waxahachie, Texas where he designed a 3-story sanitorium. This would be the first and only building individually attributed to Mulhausen, though it has since been demolished.

It is possible that Mulhausen met Birger A. Elwing while working in land development. The two architects would go on to design schools throughout Hidalgo, Willacy, and Cameron counties. These schools included Raymondville School, the current location of the Willacy County Historical Museum, and Donna Central Elementary School, now named LeNoir Elementary School. Their most notable design would be the Baxter Building in Harlingen. This would also be the last building the two men designed together.

Mulhausen declared bankruptcy and liquidated his assets in Harlingen in 1928, a year after breaking from Elwing and setting up his own firm in the Baxter Building. Soon after, he and his family returned to Oklahoma City and eventually settled in Oregon where he worked in a wholesale food distribution company.

"The tallest and most modern office building in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas"

Advertisement for Rio Grande National Life Insurance Co. located at the Baxter Buildilng

Roy W. Mulhausen