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A short Christmas poem for the citrus industry in the Rio Grande Valley. The poem is to celebrate the 1930s Christmas celebrations.
A poem about the Rio Grande Valley. The text describes the Valley's agriculture.
A map showing the location of the Mexican and American armies during the Palo Alto Battle.
A map about the territory ceded to the United States in 1848-1853. The portion of territory ceded is highlighted in black, and it also includes the location of the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site.
A sketch of General Mariano Arista, former president of Mexico and war veteran. He was a general for the Palo Alto battle, as well as other battles from the Mexican-American War.
An article about a national historic site dedicated to the battle in Palo Alto. It emphasizes the importance, and purpose of the battlefield in the battle and its preservation.
A sketch of General Zachary Taylor. He later became the 12th President of the United States, and was recognized for his victories against the Mexican-American wars.
A topographical sketch of Matamoros showing the army of occupation during the Palo Alto Battle.
Photograph of Jane Clark with a 33.1 pounds king mackerel fish. She and her team were crowned in the first place of the Offshore Division of the Ladies Kingfish Tournament in 1992.
A photograph of a butterfly.
The excerpt from the book describes the contributions made by Frank B. Armstrong. He was a well known naturalists who discover different species of birds.
An article about the different types of animals that can be found in the Laguna Madre Bay. This bay is close to South Padre Island.
A description of a bird that can people can find if they visit Laguna Madre Bay. This bay is located across South Padre Island. One of the bird's skills is fishing.
The cover of a magazine called "South Padre Parade." The magazine is a guide for South Padre Island and it suggests different places for dining, nightlife, fishing, shopping, events, real estate, and more.
Article about Lake Buchanan and other attractions in Texas. The author describes activities to do and how he enjoyed them.
Picture of Mary Rodriguez, an 8-years-old, showing a kingfish and bonito fish that she caught for the 1992 Ladies Kingfish Tournament.
Two articles about different outdoors and water activities that can be done within the Rio Grande Valley area.
A book regarding the importance of Texas in the field of agriculture, The book states that "Texas produces about one-tenth of the agricultural wealth of the United States.
A pamphlet regarding the citrus industry and its growth in the Rio Grande Valley.
A thesis written by a student about the nesting sites in the Rio Grande Valley. One of the points she describes is habitat loss.
An article about the citrus industry in the Rio Grande Valley. The author explains her agenda coming to the valley and learning about the citrus industry.
A biography of John H. Shary. He is described as a the "father of the Texas citrus industry." The biography includes an insight of his education and businesses. It also includes a portrait photograph of John Shary. This biography was done for his…
An article regarding the resignation of Sheriff Raymond Teller after being declared guilty of peonage.
A newspaper article regarding sentences from a previous case of peonage. The accused included Sheriff Raymond teller and other four Willacy county officers and citizens.
A newspaper article regarding a case of five man found guilty of peonage.
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