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Ninth Cavalry NCOs (1889)
Racial tension between residents of Rio Grande City and black soldiers of Troop D, Ninth Cavalry stationed at Fort Ringgold escalated following the October 16, 1899 shooting of two soldiers after a gambling dispute. The two injured soldiers were…

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No. 234 American Consulate, H. Matamoros, Mexico, January 26, 1916 to Secretary of State, page 1 of 4.
La Matanza, or The Massacre, refers to a period of sustained violence against ethnic Mexicans in Texas amid the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920). Mexicanos and Tejanos were systematically targeted and denied due process by the U.S. Army, Texas Rangers,…

Bazan and Longoria listed among people killed
Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria were two prominent Mexican-American residents of South Texas. In September 1915, armed robbers hijacked them for their horses their supplies. When the two men reported the incident to Texas Ranger Capt. Henry Lee…

La Casita Farms Select Vegetables Label
In 1966 a bitter dispute between farmworkers and owners of La Casita Farms, El Texano Ranch, and Griffen & Brand farms took place in Starr County. Farmworkers harvesting melons demanded minimum wage and improved working conditions. Their strike…

Charro Days 1941.pdf
Program invitation for Charro Days 1941

Building on the legacy of two institutions, UTRGV’s mission is to transfer the Rio Grande Valley by fostering leaders and citizens who challenge the present, enrich the future, and contribute to a better world.

Goodbye, UTPA. Goodbye, UTB. HELLO, UTRGV!
UTRGV has a history that is nearly 100 years old!
It all began when Edinburg College (1927–1933) was founded as part of the Edinburg School District.

Exhibit Poster

Ada Lee Chisum relates family lore extending back to her grandparents moving to Texas in the late 1800's, moving to her father employment for the railroad in Yoakum, Texas and transition to the plumbing business. She tells of early McAllen’s…

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Sharyland to Build Latest Design School Building
Legacy of John H. Shary and the Shary Organization.

Sharyland and Mission Founders
Brief biographical information and photos of John H. and Mary Shary and their children.

Cover of A Camera Journey through the Lower Valley of the Rio Grande : The Garden of Golden Grapefruit
Promotional materials related to marketing the "Magic Valley"

Shary Exhibit poster FINAL.jpg
Original poster for physical exhibit



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Coach Teresa Casso Collects Vela Award

McAllen High Coach Inducted at Banquet


2010 RGV All - Star Sports Awards


Caption: A Legacy of Excellence


Coach Casso leads the McAllen High School Basketball Team to 800 wins

2007 District 30 - 5A COACH OF THE YEAR


Receiving sports awards for their accomplishments at Our Lady of Sorrows School.


Coach Teresa Casso has guided four players in recent years to college scholarships.

Mchi Lady Bulldogs Basketball 32 Seasons

Teresa Casso RGV Sports Hall of Fame TABC - Star Coach

Nayleen Hernandez interviewed Coach Teresa Casso about her time as a basketball coach at McAllen High School.
Article about Coach Teresa Casso's retirement from coaching McAllen High School women's basketball.

The Monitor article about the basketball program at McAllen High School, and new coach, Teresa Casso.
Caption: 2008-2009 Lady Bulldogs
Portrait of the McAllen High School Women's Varsity Basketball Team and their coach, Teresa Casso.
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