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Newspaper article one year after the hurricane Beulah. The article estimates how much the affected counties had to pay in repairs for public facilities. The writer also explains that the areas have little to no traces from the hurricane.
A map of where hurricane Beulah struck in south Texas.
Two pictures of the damage that was caused after hurricane Beulah.
Newspaper front cover about hurricane Beulah. The author uses a narrative approach to tell a story about the hurricane.
A picture from the newspaper The Daily Review showing a flooded area around the Pan American College campus caused by hurricane Beulah.
Newspaper clipping depicting a sign with an "ironic touch of humor." The sign is nearly covered by the flooding caused by hurricane Beulah in 1967.
Three articles describing typical costumes for Charro Days. The 'Peon,' 'La Michoacana,' and the 'Oaxacan' dress are some of the examples shown. The articles describe the typical colors and fabrics used for the costumes.
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