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A photograph of a girl in a carriage during the 1939 Charro Days celebration in Brownsville, Texas. The carriage is attached to a goat.
Two children dressed up for Charro Days.
A photograph of Ford Lee Locket and his mother.
A photo of Lucy Durantes and a classmate during a Charro Days parade. They can be seen in costumes.
Lucy Duurantes with classmates photographed in a parade during a Charro Days celebration.
An article talking about the history of Charro Days, and how it came together after World War II.
Three articles describing typical costumes for Charro Days. The 'Peon,' 'La Michoacana,' and the 'Oaxacan' dress are some of the examples shown. The articles describe the typical colors and fabrics used for the costumes.
An article explaining a tradition from Charro Days called 'La Merienda.' The article talks about the costumes that are typically modeled during this event.
An article created from different newspapers regarding the 59th Annual Charro Days celebration. The articles include tips to make your Charro Days costume and what you can find in this celebration.
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